Referral Claim Capture

How to identify, validate, and compliantly capture your referrals

With PharmaForce, you capture more. It’s what prompted our genesis as a company. Our Referral Claim Capture solution works to ensure that you miss nothing in compliantly capturing the 340B savings of claims you refer outside your system or clinic. Combine this powerful tool with our optional Referral Capture Service and you can rest assured that you’re gaining the greatest savings in the safest, most efficient and compliant manner. See what better capture means for you.

The PharmaForce 340B Referral Claim Opportunity

Enhanced 340B Savings

Average of $25,900 per Pharmacy, per Month. (Ranges from $5,000 to $60,000 per month)

The PharmaForce 340B Referral Claim Capture

Referral Capture Tool
  • Identifies referral capture opportunities
  • No extra charge for this tool

Referral Capture Service
  • PharmaForce validates and compliantly captures referrals
  • Paid only on performance

Referral Capture Savings
  • Average $25k in savings per pharmacy per month

The PharmaForce 340B Referral Claim Service

Step 01

Review and Enhance your Current 340B Policy and Procedures Documentation

Step 02

Identify Referral Capture Opportunities through PharmaForce software tools

Step 03

Validate Referral Capture Opportunities through review of your data – direct EMR access is optional and not required

Step 04

Complete the compliance process by providing you the gap documents for inclusion in your EMR – this process is automated and direct EMR access is not required

Step 05

Capture the 340B referral claim revenue and increase your 340B savings

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