340B Prescription Cash Cards

Improve Access to Affordable Medication

PharmaForce provides 340B Prescription Cash Cards for patients who need financial assistance. Our offering has the flexibility to provide various discount levels by patient type (i.e. Sliding Scales) or just cover copayment amounts. Patient eligibility is validated at the point of sale.

How to pass along 340B savings to your patients

savings1 savings2 savings3 savings4 savings5

savings1 Patient takes this card to the Pharmacy where they’ll get their prescriptions filled

savings2 PBM partners with PharmaForce to validate that the Pharmacy, Provider, and Patient combination is eligible when adjudicating the claim

savings3 Provide the discount prescription card to patients that you would like to give financial assistance with their prescriptions

savings4 Pharmacist shares the BIN/PCN/Group combination from the discount card with the PBM system to adjudicate

savings5 Patient receives their prescription, PharmaForce captures the claim transaction from the Switch data as normal

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