340B Contract Pharmacy

Maximize capture and contract pharmacy visibility to reduce risk and liability related to 340B

The PharmaForce 340B software enables Covered Entities (CE) to configure, automate, and manage their 340B contract pharmacy programs in a robust and cost effective manner. CEs and their trusted 340B consultant groups can directly access the user-friendly UI to configure and customize their 340B contract pharmacy programs.

The flexible rules engine in PharmaForce enables the execution of your unique business requirements and contracts. There is no need to switch from your existing 340B data interfaces in order to work with PharmaForce, we’ll seamlessly work with your existing setup.

The PharmaForce 340B Contract Pharmacy Advantage

Identifies eligible 340B claims


Integrates with any wholesaler


Manages and reconciles your 340B program invoicing




Manages your inventory tracking and replenishment ordering


Integrates with your existing 340B data interfaces or you can set up new custom interfaces


Offers business intelligent reporting suite to support patient and NDC level tracking and audit trails

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