Unlock the Synergy of a 340B Program + Self-Funded Insurance

It’s no secret: 340B should work for all eligible patients—even those who might be employees of yours. But all too often, the complexities of PBMs—namely, their lack of flexibility, simplicity, and transparency—make it feel like 340B and Self-Funded Insurance are worlds apart. But they don’t need to be.

Join us for this educational webinar and learn how you can effectively join your employee pharmacy benefits and 340B program to work hand-in-hand, using employee data and insights to improve self-insured plans for employers—and your employees. The result: Greater ease, increased savings, lower drug costs, and better patient care.

Anthony Velasquez will clarify the intent of 340B and…

  • How entities stretch resources to serve more patients and provide more services
  • What the major problems facing the 340B programs in healthcare entities are
  • How PBM and 340B Programs can align to unlock greater savings

Dave Valentine will ask employers to consider their PBMs and…

  • What their PBM is doing to drive to the lowest net cost for their self-insured plans
  • How—or if—their PBM mandates or encourages the use of generic drugs
  • Why the most clinically effective and lowest cost drugs often aren’t approved

Who Should Attend

  • Covered entities in the 340B program
  • Finance Directors
  • Program Managers
  • Pharmacy Directors
  • HR Managers/Directors
  • Anyone interested in learning more about the 340B program

Presented By

Chief Product Officer
Dave Valentine
PBM Chief Operating Officer