Managing your mixed-use pharmacy, while ensuring that 340B drugs are
used only for patients who meet specified eligibility, is challenging.
PharmaForce is the partner you need to navigate the complexities of the
340B program and help you optimize and realize program savings.

PharmaForce 340B Split Billing provides covered entities a compliant and
customizable end-to-end solution for claims qualification and inventory
management of their in-house pharmacies. In addition to taking the
complexity out of the 340B program, PharmaForce maximizes savings by
ensuring transparency and data integrity via automated processes.

The PharmaForce 340B
Split Billing Advantage


Integrates seamlessly with
any wholesaler, direct
purchase distributors or

Routine Tasks

Automates CDM /NDC
maintenance and routine
tasks (e.g. simplify the
wholesaler order creation

340b Complete Audit Trail

Ensures that you are always
audit-ready by providing
a complete audit trail
of every prescription.

Account Management

Dedicates an Account
Management team to guide
you every step of the way
from operations to
implementation and
to get you up and running

Confirmation and Discrepancy Emails

Makes it easy to achieve
compliance by avoiding
duplicate discounts, and
inappropriate claims
classification through daily
order confirmation
and discrepancy emails.